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Posted 17 Dec 2009

Get up… Jump up

Functional movement is the key to everything we do at CFWS.  We have stated countless times that “The Magic is in the Movements” when referring to the efficacy of our training protocols.  By embracing functional movements we choose to take an approach to fitness that is both more challenging and profoundly more effective than other, segmented training approaches. There are… Continue »
Posted 16 Dec 2009

Tabata the Kitchen Sink

Metcon is the theme today at CFWS.  We will be seeking intensity over and over again by running through Tabata intervals in 5 different exercises, performed in succession.  The 5 exercises are as follows: SDHP (75, 53) KB Swing (53,35) Knees To Elbows Wall Ball (20,14) Row for Calories In all, this workout lasts 22 minutes (there is 30 seconds… Continue »
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Posted 15 Dec 2009

Finish 2009 STRONG — no excuses

As we begin to wrap up 2009, it is important to reflect on the past 50 weeks and remind ourselves of just how far we have come this year.  Most, if not all, of our athletes at CFWS experienced numerous “firsts” in 2009.  How many of you got your first handstand in a loooong time?  How fit were you at this point last year?  Have… Continue »
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Posted 15 Dec 2009

Calling all CFWS Athletes

Announcing the 2010 CFWS Random Acts of Fitness Challenge The first annual CrossFit West Sacramento – Random Acts of Fitness Challenge is here!!! What is the Random Acts of Fitness Challenge you ask?  Just the most fun you will ever have showing how and why you love training at CrossFit West Sacramento. If you are a current CrossFit West Sacramento athlete, consider yourself officially… Continue »
Posted 11 Dec 2009

CFWS Strength Day

Today will be a strength day at CFWS.  We have stations set up for the following exercises: Bench Press (when was the last time you did this exercise?) Back Squat Strict Overhead Press We also will have the parallettes and GHD’s available for core strength training. The Workout will go as follows: Warm Up Samson Stretch 1 fwd/bkwd Spiderman Floor… Continue »
Posted 09 Dec 2009

Snatches and Pullups

Today at CFWS, we will be tackling a couplet WOD (a workout with just two exercises in it.)  As most of you have already learned, couplets have a tendency to be some of the most challenging WODs ever.  The simplicity in the programming is often matched only by the intensity of the workout itself.  Today’s workout fits the bill perfectly…… Continue »
Posted 09 Dec 2009

Patience Grasshopper

CFWS Athletes did a great job performing Tuesday’s WOD – which turned out to be the third very demanding WOD in as many consecutive days.  The WOD went as follows: 5 Rounds for time: 30 Double Unders 20 Overhead Walking Lunges (40,30) 10 Knees to Elbows As always, the penalty for doing Single-Unders instead of Double-Unders was 4 for 1.  A couple… Continue »
Posted 08 Dec 2009

Mr. Grizzly meets Mr. Burpee

Fresh out of Skills and Drills week, the athletes at CFWS hit a monster WOD yesterday including a barbell complex called the Grizzly, with some burpees sprinkled in for good measure. What is a Grizzly?  I’m glad you asked… The Grizzly is a movement introduced to me by my colleague, Scott Middleton, of Driven Fitness and goes as follows: First, approach… Continue »
Posted 07 Dec 2009

Lumberjack 20

CFWS has wrapped up a week of skill building in basic lifts such as the Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Press and Push Press, as well as some more advanced lifts such as: Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Hang Power Clean, Hang Clean, Power Clean and Clean, not to mention a healthy dose of gymnastics based movement and yes, even a little… Continue »
Posted 03 Dec 2009

Kickin’ It at CFWS

As promised, CrossFit West Sac is keeping things constantly varied in Skills and Drills Week.  We have learned the importance of finding and holding the correct bottom positions in many different lifts, including the squat, deadlift and pushup positions to name a few (is anybody sick of the new timer yet???) Today’s skill work will be led by coach Jeff… Continue »