Finish 2009 STRONG — no excuses

As we begin to wrap up 2009, it is important to reflect on the past 50 weeks and remind ourselves of just how far we have come this year.  Most, if not all, of our athletes at CFWS experienced numerous “firsts” in 2009.  How many of you got your first handstand in a loooong time?  How fit were you at this point last year?  Have you accomplished all of your goals for 2009?  Will you be setting goals for 2010?  How fit will you become in 2010?

Goal setting is a necessary part of seeking improvements in every aspect of life — including fitness.  Without goals, we have no direction; we are unable to determine whether all our effort has been worthwhile when we have nothing to weigh our results against.  In most of our workouts, the goals are implied — do more work in less time.  This goal is constant.  By increasing our average power output, we know we are increasing our fitness levels.  How we go about increasing our work capacity, however, becomes more complicated.  Increased work capacity requires improvements in our weakest areas of fitness.

If we are to objectively set goals and focus on improving our fitness levels, it is completely necessary to assess our current fitness levels across broad time and modal domains.  In other words, we will need to test each of the 10 components of our fitness profile:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance

With so many variables in this profile, any assessment of our fitness will have to be multi-faceted to ensure that we are being thorough.  Such an assessment has been created, and will be administered as a 5 part series beginning January 2nd, 2010.  Think of this as your own personal CrossFit Games.  You have each been entered to compete, and are expected to give it your all.  Some of these assessments are already CrossFit benchmarks and others are unique creations that purposely focus on balance, accuracy, etc.  While the specifications of the assessments are known by only one person at this time, one thing is certain…  You will be tested thoroughly. Goal setting for 2010 will not be a problem once these assessments are through.

Today’s WOD is a great preparation for the upcoming assessments.  It goes as follows:

4 Rounds for time:

  • 10 Deadlift (225, 155)
  • 20 Ring Push Ups

Of course, there is a Strength component BEFORE today’s WOD and, yes, it does involve pressing a weight overhead.  Just remember…  If it were easy, it wouldn’t be CrossFit.


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