Get up… Jump up

Functional movement is the key to everything we do at CFWS.  We have stated countless times that “The Magic is in the Movements” when referring to the efficacy of our training protocols.  By embracing functional movements we choose to take an approach to fitness that is both more challenging and profoundly more effective than other, segmented training approaches.

There are many reasons why functional movements are superior to isolation exercises.  One of the great things about functional movements is that these movements are designed around locomotion.  That is if you have to get from point A to point B, you will have to use a locomotive functional movement in order to accomplish the task.  Getting up from the ground when you fall requires a skill set based on functional movement.  Walking, running, jumping and climbing are but a few more of the obvious functional movements.  Training in the CrossFit methodology allows you to become an extremely effective, efficient vehicle of locomotion.

Our goal as athletes is to increase our work capacity.  The bottom line is, when we increase our ability to do more work in less time, we are in fact increasing our fitness level.  Work requires movement.  Hopefully this is an obvious statement to all reading.  This is precisely why working through a full range of motion is not merely a suggestion at CFWS.  It should be the goal of every athlete at CFWS to accomplish full range of motion in every exercise we throw your way.

Take Samson Stretch for example.  Samson Stretch is nothing more than a series of walking lunge steps coupled with a shoulder girdle/ forearm stretch within each step.  Those who choose to perform Samson Stretch with a full depth lunge (back knee grazing the ground with each step) and the fullest expression of the overhead shoulder/forearm stretch will reap the most benefit out of this exercise.  Those who choose to only go half depth on the lunge because it requires too much effort to complete each repetition the correct way are really choosing to get less results out of their exercise session that day.  EVERY movement we do from the warm-up to the cool down is an opportunity to become more fit.  By working as hard as you possibly can throughout the entire hour, you are ensuring that you will be getting maximum results from your time spent in the gym.

Today’s workout is a combination of full body, locomotion based exercises.  The Turkish Get Up is an exercise that requires full control over the entire body (coordination), strength, balance and accuracy.  In this movement we are practicing how to safely and effectively get up from the ground while under load.  You will quickly notice why it is so important to be able to stand up out of a FULL DEPTH lunge with this movement.

The WOD is written as follows:

AMRAP in 15 minutes:

10 Turkish Get Ups (53,35)

20 Box Jumps (24,20)

This workout is great in that it requires you do the movements through the entire range of motion.  There is no other way to perform each movement – either you stand up from the ground or you don’t.  Likewise, you either jump high enough to get on top of the box, or you don’t.  By getting better at these movements, you will be getting better at locomotion, which will ultimately result in the ability to do more work in less time – now that sounds like CrossFit!


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