CFWS at the First Annual Sac-Town Throwdown

Congratulations to all CFWS athletes who competed in the throwdown.  Each athlete PR’d in at least one event during the course of the competition.  We are very proud of the effort given by each CFWS athlete on Saturday.  CrossFit West Sacramento is proud to be a part of the larger CrossFit community; we proved just how valuable our contribution to this community is on Saturday.  With the throwdown now behind us, it’s time to look forward to the next challenge.  See you at the next WOD!

Sac-Town Throwdown a Huge Success!

CFWS represented at the first annual Sac-Town Throwdown this Saturday.  True to form, the competition was steep at this affiliate challenge.  33 Teams from as far away as San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Redding showed up to represent their respective CrossFit affiliates and take part in this great event.

The competition consisted of two different workouts.  The first workout was an opportunity for each team member to establish a maximum set of Double Unders (in 3 attempts per member) as well as a maximum set of 3 rep maximum for Thrusters (also 3 attempts per member) within a 12 minute time limit.  The second workout was a 3 round AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible) in GHD Situps, Clean and Jerk (135, 83), Burpees (8’8″ target, 8′ target) and Chest to Bar Pull-ups.  Each station lasted for 45 seconds, with a 15 second transition period between work periods.

I am very proud of our very young box for representing the way we did.  Everyone PR’d in at least one event yesterday, and I couldn’t ask for any more effort than was given by each of our athletes.  Most of our athletes have been CrossFitting four less than 6 months.  The amount of composure and execution of training demonstrated by these athletes shows the dedication to our sport that has developed in our box since last October.  This will definitely not be the last of CrossFit West Sacramento at local CrossFit affiliate challenges.  The energy and enthusiasm that events like these create will surely be noticed in our box for weeks to come.

Special thanks to CrossFit East Sacramento for hosting this event.  There were easily more than 200 people at yesterday’s event.  The volunteers at this event made this whole thing possible.  THANK YOU TO ALL THE JUDGES AND VOLUNTEERS who dedicated their entire Saturday to making this event run as smoothly as it did.

I would also like to thank Chris and Lance for taking on the role of CFWS photographers as well as to RH for taking on the task of capturing video of our teams in yesterday’s competition.  We will be posting these pictures and videos over the course of the next week or so.

Below is a quick synopsis of how our teams did yesterday:

Event 1 — Double Unders and Thrusters

  • Team 1
Double Unders 100 80 44 10
Thrusters 165 175 95 95
Total 265 255 139 105
Team Total       764
  • Team 2
Double Unders DZ JJ MP KB
Thrusters 8 3 3 9
Total 105 85 195 135
Team Total 113 88 198 144
  • Team 3
Double Unders 4 5 10 8
Thrusters 95 85 155 185
Total 99 90 165 193
Team Total       547

Workout 2:  Team Results

  • Team 1
Chest to Bar 46 34 1 9
Burpee 24 24 22 19
GHD 49 41 52 49
C&J 13 19 15 11
Indiv Total 132 118 90 88
Team Total       428
  • Team 2
Chest to Bar 23 6 8 44
Burpee 14 2 23 28
GHD 12 8 14 9
C&J 32 41 31 50
Indiv Total 81 57 76 131
Team Total       345
  • Team 3
Chest to Bar 7 48 38 21
Burpee 16 7 24 12
GHD 13 13 14 13
C&J 44 39 34 43
Indiv Total 80 107 110 89
Team Total       386

Great Work yesterday everybody.  CrossFit West Sacramento is getting stronger every day.  I’m already looking forward to another week of WODs and Fundamentals Classes.  See you all in the box on Monday!


SacTown Throwdown is Tomorrow!

Attention CFWS athletes and friends:

Below is a message from Justin Riley, coordinator of the Sac-Town Throwdown.  As you all know, we are participating in this event tomorrow by sending three competitive teams and a handful of spectators to represent CrossFit West Sacramento.  The following is a list of things I want all of our athletes to do in the upcoming hours before this event:

  1. Rest — Today is your rest day.  Don’t throw some last minute “junk” training into the mix.  You have already developed and reaped all of the fitness gains that you possibly could have by now.  Training today will only cause your performance to suffer tomorrow.
  2. Stretch — Find 3 different opportunities to do all of the stretches we have outlined in our cool down.  Don’t overstretch into a painful position; stretch just enough to maintain your mobility and keep yourself from stiffening up.
  3. Hydrate — Drink water all day long today.  Do not drink alcohol tonight!!  You do not want to be dehydrated tomorrow.
  4. Locate the venue and figure out parking now.  Don’t put this off!  Do it now: there will be no onsite parking available, so you will have to use the provided map to locate the best alternative parking. Below is an excerpt from the CrossFit East Sac website that was posted this morning:

There will be no parking here tomorrow, no exceptions.  The antique dealers do all of their business on weekends and they will tow your car if you park in their lot.  The yoga studio if we share the back parking lot with is very busy on weekends, and they will have a fit if they can’t park near their building. Plan to find street parking.  The green line along Elvas Ave is the best place to park and hike in.  You are CrossFitters and you are tough not lazy, so please just park a few blocks away and take a nice little walk to loosen up your legs.

Also if you did not by a ticket, you will not be allowed into the event. This event is at capacity.  Because so many athletes are competing there simply is not enough space for more spectators.

The coaching staff is planning on meeting at CrossFit East Sac at 9:00AM; we will be checking our teams in at that point.  The following roster has been emailed to Justin at CrossFit East Sac:

CFWS Team 1: (First WOD start time is 10:30)

  • Doreene Hess
  • Brittany Miller
  • Jeremy Marshall
  • Rick Larson

CFWS Team 2: (First WOD start time is 10:45)

  • Dina Zancanelli
  • Justine Jimenez
  • Matt Pedri
  • Kevin Baldwin

CFWS Team 3: (First WOD start time is 11:00)

  • Emilie Parker
  • Stacey Wood
  • Chris Baca
  • Mike Ryan

Plan on being at CrossFit East Sac no later than 1 hour prior to your team’s scheduled start time if you are competing.  We will have warm-ups ready for you and will plan on starting your warm-up exactly 30 minutes prior to your team’s scheduled start time.  We will have the jump ropes you are accustomed to using with us at the event; you are responsible for bringing any other gear you wish to use (pack your bag tonight so you are not scrambling to find your hot pink weightlifting shoes on your way out the door.)  If you know you will be using athletic tape, BRING YOUR OWN.  We do not have enough to go around for everyone, so do yourself the favor of getting this squared away today as well.  If you have any questions at all concerning the event, be sure to give me a call as soon as possible.


Introducing the CFWS Fundamentals Program

We have officially launched our 24 class Fundamentals Program as of Monday, 2/8/2010.  This program is a great way to practice the movements that were originally taught in our Foundations Series and is a crucial component to improving participants initial strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina in preparation for our WOD classes.

Don’t be fooled by the name…  Fundamentals classes are not easy.  These classes are at least as difficult as our WODs, just with a different focus.  While WODs are written assuming participants will be proficient in high skilled functional movements such as Push Jerk, Muscle Ups, Kipping Pull-ups, Snatch and Barbell Cleans (just to name a few), Fundamentals workouts are written with the intent of building proficiency in these movements.  You will recall that there are two different tributaries to adaptation: Practice and Intensity.  Fundamentals program allows us to correctly practice our functional movement patterns so we can find greater intensity later on down the road in the WODs.
We are accepting pre orders for the much anticipated CFWS Fundamentals Workout Log Books at this time.  The cost for the books is $15, which is signifcantly higher than originally projected.  We know you will be very happy with the final product, as we have chosen to go with very high quality print materials along with a durable binding that will allow this book to be thrown in your gym bag without having to worry about keeping all of your copies of each individual workout organized.  This book will make keeping records of your progress in the Fundamentals Program much more user friendly than using a blank notebook for journaling.  CONTACT Rick Larson immediately if you wish to pre-order a copy of our Fundamentals Workout Log Books as the initial order at the print shop will be place within the next 24 hours.

CFWS athletes have already seen just how challenging and effective these classes can be.  Check the newly updated Class Schedule on our homepage for class times and then see for yourself.  Those of you who are really up for a challenge will aim to complete all 24 of the classes and earn a CFWS Fundamentals Program Survivor T-Shirt.  And believe us, YOU WILL HAVE TO EARN THIS SHIRT!!


CFWS Random Acts of Fitness Challenge

Lia P

A year and a half ago I met the trainer for Crossfit West Sacramento, Rick Larson. He helped me start my rehabilitation on a painful knee which surgery was supposed to help, but did not. I was extremely limited as to what movements I could do and my balance was very bad as I had many bumps and bruises to account for that. My limited movement set me up to gain a lot of weight, along with depression, more than normal alcohol intake and pain pills. I was 49 and was beginning to accept that this was my lot in life.

Rick started me on a program that slowly increased my mobility and unknown to me, he had a future in mind that had me doing things I never thought I could do as long as I stayed consistent. That was key.

After a year, he introduced me to Crossfit. I had no idea what I was in for. I have only been doing it for a short time, but in that amount of time it has challenged me both physically and mentally. The skills and strict adherence to proper technique has challenged my body and for the first time in my life I do see the possibilities of being able to do a pull up, a handstand and even running! Needless to say, my body has changed; I have lost inches and am still doing so. Mentally it is really strengthening me. The workouts of the day look intimidating, and I will admit, there are times I have looked at the workout board and I wanted to leave. I have realized that part of crossfit is developing mental toughness. Fear, in this case, should be non-existent, because I know that my trainer would never ask me to do anything he knew I couldn’t do. For someone my age, so sedentary for so long, trust is a big issue when you are asking your body to “roll” on the ground, try a handstand or lift a big weight. I need to trust myself and rely on the techniques I am being taught and, to take a well-known phrase, “just do it!” I will say the sense of accomplishment and internal joy that I have after each completion of a WOD is immeasurable.

As for what Crossfit has allowed me to do in my daily life is summed up in one word…independence. We live on acreage. There is a lot of work involved in the up keep. We also have a couple of horses and, for example, I would have to always wait for help to get hay, unload it and put it in the barn. No longer! I can move 100lb bales and 50lb bags of pellets all day long! And clean up the barn, and do anything else that is needed to do that day and not hurt my knee nor be exhausted for the next few days!
My family has benefited, my husband says he has his wife back. My daughter says that I’m “way more fun to be around” and it has improved our relationship. My knee is now manageable. If it begins to hurt…Squats are the answer. Squats with weight are better! Love those Wall Balls!

New motto, if life hurts…Squat a few times, you’ll feel better! I know I do!

Lia P.