Foundations, Fundamentals and WODs — CFWS Has YOU Covered

CrossFit West Sacramento athletes have more choices than ever when deciding when to come to the box and get a great workout.  The class offerings on our daily class schedule have nearly doubled compared to our humble beginnings back in October, 2009.  As our athlete count has grown, so has the diversity of fitness and experience levels within the realm of functional movement.  Some of our athletes are well versed in movement patterns such as squatting, lunging, pressing, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.  Others arrive at our door having never experienced these movements in the past.

With such a broad spectrum of fitness and ability levels, it was obvious that our class offerings should reflect the needs of the athletes training at our facility.  While some of our athletes have clearly excelled in our WOD classes over the course of the last few months, others have found themselves looking for critical additional instruction on basic functional movements such as squats (air, front, back and overhead), deadlifts, presses (strict press, push press and push jerk) and other exercises that are considered “usual suspects” in our WOD classes.  Let’s face it… It takes a ton of knowledge and applied technique in order to do CrossFit WODs correctly.

CrossFit novices who are prematurely thrown into WODs will not improve as fast as those who are placed in an appropriate program that focuses both on improving technique (neuro-muscular control) and on increasing strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina (local muscular and cardiovascular fitness).  This is exactly why we have developed our Fundamentals program.  This program is unique to CrossFit West Sacramento, and is a perfect opportunity for anyone to practice the fundamental functional movements and develop additional strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance.  Although we thoroughly embrace the concepts of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, we also completely understand that intensity can only be safely introduced once an athlete has developed a base level of proficiency in the movement patterns used in a given workout.  CFWS Fundamentals classes provide those critical opportunities to practice and improve upon athletes’ skill and fitness base and are ideal for the novice CrossFitter.

Although the name of this program may mislead people to thinking the workouts are easy, this is not the case.  In fact, it is a major challenge to complete these workouts as written within the allotted hour timeframe.  Many of our athletes who have enrolled in this program have already experienced this fact.  Fundamentals workouts allow participants to work on two or three movement patterns at a time (couplets  or triplets, respectively).  Each fundamentals workout consists of three 2 or 3 round couplets or triplets separated by rest periods that last from 2 to 5 minutes.  The prescribed repetition schemes will dictate the workloads chosen by each participant.  For example, if the prescribed couplet is 3 rounds of 15 Hang Power Cleans (HPC) and 25 double-unders, then each participant should choose a weight that will allow for 15 consecutive HPC without setting the barbell down.  The weight that is chosen should prove challenging at the indicated repetition scheme, but should not be so heavy that the participant has to break the set up into multiple sets of fewer repetitions.  The primary objective in the Fundamentals Program is to improve technique in the main functional movements of CrossFit.  A secondary goal of CFWS Fundamentals workouts is to develop a base level of fitness that will ultimately carry over to WOD classes.

If you have not already tried a Fundamentals Class at CFWS, check our schedule of classes and show up for a workout.  Every athlete at CFWS will benefit from going through a full month of this program at least once.  Many will choose to go through this program multiple times before hitting the WOD classes.  The CFWS Fundamentals Program starts on the first day of each month, and runs through 24 consecutive sessions over a 4 week period (6 classes are offered each week).  We have put together a CFWS Fundamentals Log Book for your record keeping while in this program – ask a coach the next time you are in the box for details on the log book.

Those who are attending the WODs will find the workouts more varied than ever, with very little “pulling of punches” so to speak.  The WODs at CFWS have never been more demanding.  Many of our normal WOD participants have noted that the WODs seem more brutal than normal.  In fact, they are.  Athletes who attend the WOD classes are expected to have worked tirelessly on technique and basal fitness levels in our Foundations and Fundamentals programs prior to regularly attending our WOD workouts.

CrossFit West Sacramento is a training facility.  Our athletes are expected to improve and constantly make progress.  We have implemented programming for all fitness and skill levels.  All we ask for is our athletes’ perpetual quest to improve. Those who are not interested in improving their fitness will be asked to train elsewhere.  Those who attend on a regular basis and work hard with every session will be embraced and will always have a home at CFWS.  Which side of the fence are you on?

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