Only 4 days to go!

This Saturday will mark CrossFit West Sac’s very first Paleo/Zone Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet get ahold of someone at the box. Do whatever you have to do to get signed up! You can reach RL at (916) 607-0292.

We will be utilizing a hydrostatic weighing technique in order to determine your body composition at both the onset and completion of this 9 week challenge.  Please be prepared when you arrive to the box this Saturday for your dunk. Think “as little clothing as possible.” Women either bring your swim suit or wear your sports bra and light weight shorts.  Men wear either your swim suit or a pair of light weight shorts.

I know a lot of you are wondering if this is private, OF COURSE!! You will not have to parade around in your “dunk gear.” But don’t come in sweat pants! If you’re going to do this do it RIGHT. Less is more.

Following the dunk there will be a performance assessing WOD. Please be prepared to participate.  Once you have completed your assessment you can then enjoy the rest of the festivities.

 Pot-Luck BBQ will be held from 2:45 to 5PM.  A sheet of approved dishes will be posted on the CFWS Announcement Board in the box. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PARTICIPATING IN THE CHALLENGE TO COME TO THE POT-LUCK. Come and support the box and your fellow athlete!

I’m very excited to see the transformations that are about to take place in all of you that are preparing to make this journey.

Thank you…Thank you…hold your applause!

~Coach Beez & RL

2 thoughts on “Only 4 days to go!

  1. The Halcon house is ready! The kitchen is cleaned out of “junk” food, food scale up and ready and we are easing ourselves in this week by testing out some new paleo meals. We are eager and excited, but what is up with the creepy caveman bug picture?

  2. Guys, I would like to apologize for Emily not know who Captain Caveman is….I really thought I knew her.

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