finir de faire!

To Finish!

Its official BM & RL have complete their 9 week Paleo/Zone challenge. Bravo…BRAVO!

I must say when I started this challenge I thought “this ain’t gonna be easy.”  Now that I have completed it I can say with 100% honesty it was by far the simplest things I have done.  Never looked at a single labeled, didn’t have to count calories, didn’t have to worry about points, and didn’t starve!!! And saw better results then with anything I’ve ever tried.

All of those things I had previously thought went along with “dieting” were WRONG! I feel so free! Free from labels, free from low-fat, non-fat, reduced -fat,  low-carb, no-carb, carb free! I WAS GOING CRAZY and what I’ve learned is that my body was also. It was saying “make up your damn mind”

9 weeks ago if you asked RL & I if we would be drinking beers and eating burgers the day this challenge was over we would have said “hell ya” Today all of that has changed. To see and feel how our bodies have changed/responded to ultra clean eating and how much our performance has benefited from this way of life we would be idiots if we went back to that way of eating.

Now the adjectives we use to describe the way we feel are healthy, energized, full, strong, fast, in-tune, ALIVE!

I speak for both of us when I say we are anxious to see how all of you will look and feel after your 9 weeks. We had a lot of encouragement and support from all of our members at the CFWS! thank you for making us the community we are and love. Without you we are nothing.

As stated in my previous blog Our Mission I planned to take a picture of myself every Monday of each week till the end. I have done this and they are ready for viewing.  If you’d like to see you are more then welcome!

Keep up the good work guys! As you can already tell within your first week..IT WORKS! ~Coach Beez

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