Chronicles of a Traveling CrossFitter

DP & BM's results

On Saturday July 3rd Coach DP & BM took a little field trip to our neighbors box CrossFit East Sacramento.  There we were greeted by head trainer Justin Riley who welcomed us with a smile! 

Athlete after athlete trickled in till there was about 30 of us! That was quite a large group. Definitely larger than Dan and I are use to especially for a Saturday morning.  The energy was good and the people were exceptionally friendly. I’ve had the honor of judging some of the athletes from CrossFit East Sac at the CrossFit Nor Cal Sectionals, and CrossFit Southwest Regionals. Furthermore, Dan and I  have had the opportunity to meet some others at past events CrossFit East Sac has hosted at their box.  We felt that  stopping by for a WOD would bring both of our boxes closer and make for an even tighter CrossFit community. 

The morning started out with a warm-up that consisted of GHD work, Pull-ups, Ring Push-ups, and our favorite DOUBLE UNDERS. Once through all of us finished that we moved straight into a barbell warm-up. After each athlete had completed the recipe on the whiteboard Justin split up the group into teams of 5. Our task…establish a 1 rep max split jerk. 

Dan and I were placed in different groups based on the weight we thought we could lift. Working with new people was exciting and being with a new group of people allowed me to work out of my comfort zone which I don’t often get to do. The women in my group were just as supportive as the women in our box and immediately I felt at home. With all that encouragement I PR’d at 163lbs. Dan worked with along side his group and was able to put up an impressive 205lbs. We were pumped to say the least. Thanks to the coaching we’ve received we were confident in our form and technique with this lift. Because of this confidence we are able to go to any box and know that we can perform well. 

Once everyone reached their max it was off for a 5k jog! thankfully it was still early so it wasn’t blistering hot! The 3.1 miles was a nice recovery/cool down for us both we kept a decent pace but also held a conversation for the entire 28 mins oops not much intensity till the last 400 meters.  All in all it was a great experience. Everyone was awesome and friendly, we got a great workout and made some new friends in the process. We finished off the 2 hrs with a traditional ice cold brew!

Coach DP and I encourage everyone who is interested to check out a different box.  Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business it can’t ever hurt to branch out. 

Thanks to our friends at CrossFit East Sac. We will see you soon! Best of luck to you at the 2010 CrossFit Games. 

~Coach Beez

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