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CFWS OTB pillar pic
Posted 28 Sep 2010

October OTB WOD — October 2nd

Time to take things back Outside the Box!!  We will be hitting our monthly installment of the CFWS OTB WOD series this coming Saturday, October 2nd.  Like usual, this workout will replace our regularly scheduled Saturday morning WOD as well as any other workouts that would regularly be scheduled at the box.  If you were planning on attending our free… Continue »
Posted 27 Sep 2010

Fight Gone Bad V

Thanks to CrossFit East Sacramento for hosting such a successful event! This weekend was full of excitement. CFWS is proud of all the athletes that came out and participated in the 2010 Fight Gone Bad fundraiser. We showed up put in the work and effort was not avoided. We also celebrated Doreene Hess’s birthday!!  Many got their first taste of a CrossFit… Continue »
Posted 24 Sep 2010

More September Babies!

I must not have realized how many of our members were Sept babies! So here is a Happy Birthday wish to all of you! Gosh our family is getting so big! “It takes a long time to grow young” Pablo Picasso Lia Parker — Sep 5 Nick Bambury — Sep 21 Justin Walker — Sep 22 Tyson Conn — Sep… Continue »
Posted 23 Sep 2010

He lives another day!

Happy Birthday Shawn!! (aka SMK)  Shawn was apart of the original garage crew and CFWS is so glad to have him in the Family! You can see Shawn live at Fight Gone Bad this weekend at CrossFit East Sac! ~Beez Continue »
JK Lateral Plyo
Posted 20 Sep 2010

Back to Basics — Getting RESULTS

After a month of Back to Basics workouts, CFWS athletes are ready to open up the throttle in some good, old fashioned CrossFit metcon WODs.  In many of our Back to Basics workouts, we have taken functional movements such as the BackSquat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press, Russian KB Swing, Walking OH Lunge, Knees to Elbows and Sprint Drills (just… Continue »
Posted 14 Sep 2010

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Pedri!

Congratulations to one of our original members Matt Pedri of CFWS on tying to knot over the weekend! ~Beez Continue »
Posted 07 Sep 2010

Keeping it REAL

CrossFit West Sacramento is dedicated to delivering the most effective training protocols, techniques and philosophies possible to each athlete who steps foot in our facility on a daily basis. Our training protocols utilize some of the most advanced exercise techniques in the world. Drawing from the disciplines of Olympic Weight Lifting, Russain Kettlebell training, movements that stem from the discipline… Continue »
Posted 02 Sep 2010

CrossFit West Sac’s Motivational...

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Athletic Woman - Stretches
Posted 02 Sep 2010


Defined as the ability to move a joint through it’s fully available range of motion, flexibility is one of the ten parameters of fitness we CrossFitters strive to achieve in our quest for elite fitness.  If we are forced to choose between strength and flexibility, as a coaching staff, CFWS coaches have stated over and over again that we would prefer our… Continue »