SASSFIT Burpee Challenge

Attention all SassFit Challenge participants

CrossFit West Sacramento is offering one free CFWS T-shirt per team member to the winning team…  The challenge is simple.  The team with the most video documented burpees from now until March 31st wins the prize.  Burpee standards are as follows:

1) Chest MUST touch the floor on every push-up

2) Torso MUST be vertical at the top of the jump

3) Hands MUST clap overhead  while feet are off the floor

This video from crossfit.comprovides visuals for those of you who are still unclear on what the burpee actually is.

Notice they are missing the hands clapping overhead on their version of the burpee.  Be sure to NOT make this mistake.

Please submit your team’s burpee videos on Friday of each week during the challenge.  I will create a leader board and post the status of each participating team. 

All team members MUST be present and complete the same number of burpees in each video in order for the count to be valid.  (For example, if you are submitting a video for review for 100 Burpees credit, each team member must be present and visible in the video and must complete ALL of the 100 repetitions with strict adherence to the movement standards in order for your team to receive credit for the burpees.

Please submit questions about this challenge to

3,2,1 Go!!

PaleoZone Challenge is Back!!!

It’s finally here!  The much anticipated return of the CFWS PaleoZone challenge has arrived, only this time it’s much bigger and it has a prize – a BIG prize.   The last time we ran this challenge, we saw phenomenal results for those who completed the program.  Our program was featured in the Sacramento Bee; this article was re-run around the world in syndicate. If there were any drawbacks to our original launch of this program, they were:

  1. There weren’t enough participants (we started with about 12 participants in our original challenge)
  2. Not all participants completed the full 9 week challenge.

To avoid history repeating itself this time around, we have reconfigured the way participants will engage with this challenge.  First and foremost, participants will be assigned to a team of 4 people.  Each team will have a team leader who has successfully completed our PaleoZone program in the past (you know, all those people walking around the box with 6 packs and 4 minute Fran times).  Team leaders will mentor the rest of the team members through this 9 week challenge based on their knowledge of the program materials as well as their personal experiences having already lived within the realm of this great lifestyle.  Team leaders will also be responsible for keeping the rest of the team members on track while competing against all other teams for the grand prize.

The structure of this challenge follows:

  • Start Date: January 28th, 2011
  • Completion: March 31st, 2011
  • Entry Fee: $50/participant (including team leaders)
  • Assessment Fees: $30 initial assessment/ $25 final assessment
  • Prize (total money collected through entry fees) — we are expecting near 80 participants.  Prize money will be split among team members.
  • Additional prizes will be announced throughout the course of the challenge
  • Team size (4 to 5) depending on demand
  • Requirements:  Initial hydrostatic weighing assessment through Incentive Fitness compelted PRIOR to January 28th.
  • Once hydrostatic weighing is complete, participants MUST turn in assessment results no later than Friday, January 28th to receive their Zone block assignment from a team leader.
  • Participant packets will be distributed once initial hydrostatic assessment results are tuned in to coach Rick.

The next week and a half between today and the start of the program on January 28th will serve as a primer period for participants to get situated with the ins and outs of the diet.  The sooner participants get assessed and started on their diets, the better.

Another unique component of this challenge is we are actually competing against members of another fitness facility.  Sandra Augustin of SASS Fitness has run a challenge very similar to our PaleoZone challenge in the years past.  This year, we are pitting CFWS athletes against SASS Fitness clients to see which team can lose highest body fat percentage.  We are all using the same exact timeframe and the same hydrostatic weighing procedure.  Sandra’s clients also utilize Incentive Fitness for their assessments, so we are all competing on a completely level playing field here.

So there you have it.  The challenge is simple.  The team that loses the highest bodyfat percentage on average wins the money (ALL of it).  In addition to that, you will look, feel and perform better than you ever have once you implement the lifestyle changes outlined in our program.  As soon as you submit your hydrostatic weighing results to me, you will be assigned to a team and provided with all the information needed to be successful in implementing the PaleoZone lifestyle into your daily routine.

This program WILL redefine who you are as an athlete.  What are you waiting for?

A list of teams will be posted on our website later today.  If you are already signed up for an assessment with Incentive Fitness, please let me know what the scheduled date and time is.  I’ll assign you to a team and get your team leader in contact with you ASAP.

Be sure to make your appointment today as timeslots are filling up for the hydrostatic weighing.

Incentive Fitness
6031 Fair Oaks Blvd, #C
Carmichael, CA 95608

Phone: 916-481-5004

I am looking forward to an amazing 9 weeks in the box.  The energy in the gym has already been evident since our meeting on Saturday.  CFWS athletes are ready to take it to the next level!!! 

And please…

2011 Sac Town Throwdown — Be There

Get ready for the 2nd annual Sac-Town Throwdown at CF East Sacramento on Saturday February 12th, 2011.  This will be an all day, multi event competition with teams consisting of 2 Men and 2 Women.  There will be divisions for Rx and Scaled.

Registration will open this Friday @ 12:00PM
for teams, spectators, and volunteers.  Check back here for a link to register.

Who is going to take home the cup this year?
Contact for questions

Visit the above link for regular updates on the Sac-Town Throwdown.  This was an awesome event last year.  Some of you will remember that we sent two teams to compete in last year’s throwdown.  I would like to see an even bigger turnout this year!  In my estimation, we should be sending no less than 4 and as many as 6 teams to the throwdown this year.

Competition is a big part of what CrossFit is all about.  The best way to truly push yourself to do your best is to put yourself out there and compete against your peers.  This event will expose you to the larger community of CrossFitters in the Sacramento region.  There will likely be teams from all over California in attendance.  The level of competition will only be surpassed by the even higher sense of camaraderie among the competitors from the greater CrossFit community.

If you are interested in competing in this year’s Sac-Town Throwdown, you must notify me no later than this Friday (1/7/2011) morning  at 9AM