CFWS StandOff — The Workouts

With the StandOff just two days away, we are releasing the workouts along with the movement standards and scoring criteria.  These movement standards will be thoroughly covered on Saturday morning as well immediately preceding each workout.  A timeline of the morning proceedings is also presented below for your planning purposes.

The weather is very unpredictable this year and the forecast currently calls for about 70% chance of rain on Saturday.  Bottom line is to come prepared.  Workouts will be held both indoors and outside so athletes should come prepared with adequate changes of clothes, towels, etc.  If you have a pop up canopy to bring, we have plenty of space for you to set up your athlete headquarters in the parking lots.  Parking will be restricted behind the gym as we will be utilizing this space for the event.

Team check-in will begin promptly at 8AM; heat assignments will be distributed on a first come, first pick basis.  Opening ceremony will commence at 9AM and lead us directly into our first heat of workout #1 at 9:10AM.  A rough estimate of the timeline for each workout can be found in the workout descriptions below.

OK so let’s get to the workouts already.  Read carefully, then read it again.  And don’t worry, we WILL be covering these in detail on Saturday.

Event 1:

Heats begin at 9:10 AM and will each run for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes of down time between each heat for resetting of stations.

Workout Description

“Run Fast and Lift Heavy”

Each team member must

  1. Srprint 400m for time AND
  2. Establish a 1RM for any barbell Ground to Overhead movement desired

Exactly 10 minutes will be allotted.  Each team member may take as many attempts at the run and the barbell as desired.

Only two people can be working at any given time:  One team mate running and one team mate lifting.  Athletes may switch out at any time.  There is no specified order in which the two components of this event must be completed.

Movement Standards:

Ground to Overhead — The barbell must start on the ground and end up overhead with elbows fully extended and the barbell over the crown of the head (head through the window) with control.   Once the judge announces “good lift”  the barbell may be dropped to the ground.  Any failure to lock out the elbows with the barbell in the correct overhead position will result in a failed lift.

400m Sprint — Just run fast and stay on the marked course.  Pretty simple.


  1. A team total for ground to overhead will be calculated by summing each athlete’s highest scoring lift.
  2. A team total for the 400m run will be calculated by summing each athlete’s fastest run on the 400m course.

The team score for this event will be:

Ground to Overhead Total in pounds – 400m Run Total in seconds

High score wins this event.  Teams will be ranked according to score.

Event 2:

Heats will begin at approximately 10:15AM and will each run for as long as necessary for teams to complete the following:

AMRAP 3 minutes Team Tire Flip/Jump Through, followed by Team Relay Sandbag Shuttle Run, followed by 100 reps Team Barbell Push Press (95lbs), followed by 100 reps Team Pull-ups

Movement Standards:

Tire Flip/Jump Through — One team mate at a time will flip the tire end over end, then jump forward to the center of the tire (both feet must touch the ground in the center of the tire) and then jump forward again out of the tire to the other side.  Once the first team member is finished with the jump through portion of this movement, the next team member in line will step in and repeat the Tire Flip/Jump Through Process.  Once the lifting order is established, Team Members must lift in the exact same order through the remainder of the allotted 3 minute period.

Relay Sandbag Shuttle Run — Each team member will complete the following Sandbag Carry Runs:

a)      out and back 10m

b)      out and back 20m

c)      out and back 30m

d)      out and back 40m

e)      out and back 30m

f)        out and back 20m

g)      out and back 10m

Each team member must complete each leg of the run before the team moves on to the next leg.  Athletes must drop the sandbag to the ground beyond the start/finish line at the end of each run.  Teammates are allowed to help one another pick the sandbag up off the ground at any time.  All athletes who are not running must stay behind the start/finish line during the relay unless the sandbag is dropped and an athlete calls for help from one of her/his teammates.

Push Press— Each team will be allocated only one barbell pre-set at 95lbs.  A repetition is completed when the barbell starts touching the shoulders just above the collar bones and finishes locked out overhead with the athlete’s ear clearly visible in front of the arms.

Repetitions can be divided as desired by the team.

There will be no “handing off” of the barbell allowed.  The barbell must be dropped to the ground and then picked back up by the next team member during transitions.

Pull-ups — Start position is arms fully extended at elbows.  Finish position is chin clearly above pull-up bar.  Any grip is permissible.  Athletes may rotate out at any point.  Only one athlete from each team will be allowed on the pull-up bar at any time.


Score is Total Time of completion of workout –  (# Team Tire flips x 6 seconds)

In other words, 6 seconds is subtracted from the team total score for each tire flip/jump through that is completed in the initial 3 minutes of this workout.

Fastest time wins this event.  Teams will be ranked according to score; the sum of team rank after the first two events will determine team standing at the end of the second workout.   Hypothetically the lowest score after workout  number two is a 2 (1st place in event 1 and 1st place in event 2).

Event 3:

2 Rounds of 1 minute at each of the following stations for max reps:

Wall Ball (20lb at 10 ft; 14lb at 9ft.)

Overhead Walking Lunge (45,25)

Deadlift (225,185)

Lateral Barrier Jump Burpees

There will be no time allotted for transitions from one station to the next.  Any time spent in transition is lost time that otherwise could have been used to accumulate team points.  Teams will shotgun start this event, meaning that each team member will pick a station to start with.  All athletes will be working simultaneously during this workout.  There will be a 1 minute rest between rounds.  Athletes must start with the same exercise in both rounds 1 and 2.

Movement Standards will be thoroughly covered immediately prior to the third workout.


Total repetitions completed by the team is the team score for the workout.  Highest score wins this event.  Teams will be ranked according to score.

Well that’s it for now.  I’m sure you all can rest easy now, knowing what you have gotten yourselves into.  We’re expecting a great turnout on Saturday.  WSFD will be grilling up tri-tip and veggies for mid day refueling for any who are interested.  All proceeds from the lunch plates will directly benefit the Addison Enos Foundation.

Thank you in advance to all the event sponsors and participants who have made this event a reality.  This event is the direct result of all that is good in the human spirit; for that we are humbled and grateful.

See you all Saturday morning!!

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