Getty Owl Run

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while we get a wild hare up our collective ass and decide to run a 10K as the workout of the day.  No barbells, no gymnastics, just good old plain running.  I can only really recall one other time that we put a 10K run as the WOD.  It was actually pretty great to do – if you don’t mind running around our beautiful business park TWICE all while hopping up and down off of curbs or, even better, dodging deisel exhaust spewing big rigs and overly caffeinated Wyotech students who think honda civics are racing cars.  It’s definitely a CrossFit version of the 10K (constantly varied).

This time around, we decided to go a bit more conventional route and actually run a legitimate 10K.  We have found a great cause, became an official sponsor and now are calling on our members and communuity to step up and get signed up for this event.

CrossFit West Sacramento is now an official sponsor of The Inaugural Getty Owl Run in Sacramento on Feb 26th. Below you will find a link that will provide you with information regarding the race. This will be a 5k/10k run, including a 1/4 Kids run. I know many of you have running backgrounds and some of you that are currently training for an upcoming race. To show our support for the community and for this family, we are asking that all members participate.


The registration fee is $27, which includes a t-shirt and goodie bag. If for some reason you aren’t able to make it to this race we will be assigning this as the WOD for the week, starting Monday-Saturday until you have completed it. The Rx workout will be the 10k and the scaled will be the 5k. CFWS will also have a booth set-up for the post race party. Stop by and say hi! We will have our own leader board (whiteboard) where you will post your time, just like any other workout.


Once you register please send an email to letting us know you have done so. Constantly varied my friends, let’s help this family!