Barbells for Boobs 2012 WOD Announcement

So here’s the deal.  We’re going to release this WOD a few weeks early so everyone can get a few practice runs in or whatever it is you’re going to do to get ready for this thing.   You will also have a chance to acquire/refine skills you may not have already mastered leading up to competition day.

In the two years preceding this event, we have required a full squat clean for each rep completed in Grace.  This year is different.  If you can power clean the weight (and we know most of you can), then by all means, do so!!  There will be a bunch of you who can throw 95lbs (women) or 135lbs (men) around like it’s nothing.   But what fun is watching someone own 135lbs like it’s a stick of PVC pipe for 30 reps?  Where’s the well rounded fitness?  Don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered.

In addition to 30 Ground to Shoulder followed by Shoulder to Overhead reps (that’s what we’re really talking about here with Grace),  each competitor will have to complete some preliminary work PRIOR to getting to the barbell that helps demonstrate that we CrossFitters are well rounded fitness machines.

We will have two divisions for competition day – Rx’d and Scaled.  PLEASE NOTE — If you have to scale any portion of the WOD, you MUST compete in the Scaled Division.

The WOD for each division is described below:


Rx’d Division

The WOD:

For Time (15 minute time cap)

– 90 Double Unders

– 60 Pull-ups

– 30 Clean and Jerks (135, 95)

We are using this nomenclature loosely this year.  Any Ground to Shoulder –> Shoulder to Overhead movement you wish to use will be accepted.

Scaled Division

The WOD:

For Time (15 minute time cap)

-270 Single Unders — yeah, this is a 3:1 penalty for single unders learn to do Double Unders and then Rx!!!!

– 60 Jumping Pull-ups

– 30 Clean and Jerks (95, 63) weights may be scaled down further, but not increased in this division

Same movement standards apply as Rx’d division for Clean and Jerks.

This is the ONLY scaled option for this WOD.  If you scale one movement, you MUST also scale the rest of the movements.  The movement standards for each exercise are no different as has been utilized in recent CrossFit Games Opens competitions.  We will release a short video clarifying movement standards about 1 week out from the event.

Competition Day Itinerary

8AM –  8:50AM:  Heat Sign up

8:50 AM: Official WOD Overview

9:00 AM: Heat 1 Begins

We plan on making the following heats available.  Of course, changes can and probably will be made according to how many people from each division show up on competition day:

9:00AM Scaled Women

9:20AM Scaled Men

9:40AM Rx’d Women

10:00 AM Rx’d Men

If we have a fairly even distribution of competitors, we will follow the outline above indefinitely until all who want to workout have worked out.  We will make an adjustment to this pattern if needed to accommodate those who show up on competition day.  Each heat will run 8 athletes through the WOD.

More Event Details

The whole idea behind this event has always been to help raise money and awareness towards the fight against breast cancer.   100% of net proceeds collected from ALL fundraising events will support BARBELLS FOR BOOBS, a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and / or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

CFWS is REQUIRING ALL PARTICIPANTS at our event to have registered at the following link and have a minimum donation amount of $20:

Proof of registration and donations must be presented at the heat sign up table PRIOR to signing up for a heat.  We have listed our fundraising goal as a gym at $5000.  I would personally like to see us collect more than double this goal.  As of this posting, we have 19 days prior to the event.  There is plenty of time to launch your fund raising campaign and bring donations in.  Let’s have a great event and make a difference in as many women’s lives (not to mention the lives of their families and loved ones) as possible.

See you on October 20th!!




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