Athlete Testimonial — Joe R.

So a couple months ago, we shot an email out to our members asking them to share their CFWS training stories with the world.  Our response was overwhelming to say the least!!
The first testimonial we have decided to share is a relatively new member, Joe R.  Joe’s story shows that anyone with the will to succeed can overcome just about any obstacle in the pursuit of success.  Read on to hear Joe’s story:

CFWS: How long have you been training at CrossFit West Sacramento? How did you become interested in starting CrossFit?

I started training at CrossFit West Sac back in March, 2012 with a Living Social deal and I was hooked. It was Fun, it was always different, and it was really intense. Not too long after I signed up for the Foundations class.

CFWS: How has the training at CrossFit West Sacramento helped you reach your fitness goals?

About Halfway through the Foundations class I was involved in a (Motocross) racing accident and had to put CrossFit on hold. Three months later I started back up. Within two weeks I had made more progress with strength and mobility than I had in the time since the accident. The coaches at CrossFit West Sac accommodated my recovery while still pushing me to be stronger.

CFWS: What is the best part about training as an athlete at CrossFit West Sacramento?

The best part about training at CFWS is the community; everybody is so supportive and loves being there. The friendly atmospheres really makes CFWS a great place train and accomplish your goals.

Thanks Joe for sharing your story!!  You are truly an inspiration to us all!

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