Posted 13 Dec 2013

2013 PaleoZone Challenge Results

The results are finally in!  CFWS is proud to announce our top male and female winners for this year’s PaleoZone Challenge.  We are going to keep this post short and sweet.  For challenge and scoring details, read our blog posted at the beginning of this challenge back in September. Just like ever other time we have run this challenge, we… Continue »
Bikini Challenge13
Posted 01 Apr 2013

2013 CFWS Bikini Challenge

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  Though our training ideology has always been to train for function and allow form to follow, let’s be honest –  We’re all still motivated by the way we look with our clothes off.  Enter the second annual CFWS Bikini Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is simple – to help… Continue »
New Years Resolutions Suck pic
Posted 11 Jan 2011

PaleoZone Challenge is Back!!!

It’s finally here!  The much anticipated return of the CFWS PaleoZone challenge has arrived, only this time it’s much bigger and it has a prize – a BIG prize.   The last time we ran this challenge, we saw phenomenal results for those who completed the program.  Our program was featured in the Sacramento Bee; this article was re-run around the world in… Continue »
Time for a new Wardrobe
Posted 18 Aug 2010

CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge A Success!!!

Saturday wrapped up the 9 week CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge with both body composition and physical performance assessments.  Utilizing the hydrostatic weighing method, the gold standard for measuring body composition (an analysis of lean mass versus fat mass), CFWS athletes saw an average of 5 pounds of body fat loss in the nine week period.  If that weren’t enough, we saw an… Continue »
Posted 22 Jun 2010

finir de faire!

To Finish! Its official BM & RL have complete their 9 week Paleo/Zone challenge. Bravo…BRAVO! I must say when I started this challenge I thought “this ain’t gonna be easy.”  Now that I have completed it I can say with 100% honesty it was by far the simplest things I have done.  Never looked at a single labeled, didn’t have… Continue »
Posted 17 Jun 2010

Crack Heads!

Week 1 Day 2! Hope all of our Cavemen & Cavewomen are enjoying the benefits of Paleo/Zone lifestyle! If you aren’t well maybe this could help.  If you are one of the many at CFWS that have chosen to eliminate grain from your diet BRAVO! If you’re not to sure why we want you off the “crack” or how you’re… Continue »
Posted 08 Jun 2010

Only 4 days to go!

This Saturday will mark CrossFit West Sac’s very first Paleo/Zone Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet get ahold of someone at the box. Do whatever you have to do to get signed up! You can reach RL at (916) 607-0292. We will be utilizing a hydrostatic weighing technique in order to determine your body composition at both the onset… Continue »
Posted 02 Jun 2010

You’ve got mail

And my postman wonders why my mailbox is overflowing….REALLY The following was stolen from the mouth of Michael Pollan! He’s smart so read on. “Food. There’s plenty of it around, and we all love to eat it. So why should anyone need to defend it? Because most of what we’re consuming today is not food, and how we’re consuming it… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010


The story below couldn’t come at a better time not only for me but for everyone at our box. Anyone that has gotten dressed in the morning and thought to themselves “Ughh one day these will be my FAT jeans” or, “What happened to me?” WELP news FLASH!! Here is the best part about life…READY…You have the power to change… Continue »
Porter, D. and RL 30 MU for time
Posted 10 May 2010

Muscle Up Madness

Today’s WOD is simple…  30 Muscle-ups for time.  Simple and easy, of course aren’t the same things. Coach Porter and I went through this WOD at lunch time and fought hard for every single repetition in this workout!!! After a toughly contested battle, each of us came in at the sub 7 minute mark. It felt amazing to keep up… Continue »