2013 PaleoZone Challenge Results

The results are finally in!  CFWS is proud to announce our top male and female winners for this year’s PaleoZone Challenge.  We are going to keep this post short and sweet.  For challenge and scoring details, read our blog posted at the beginning of this challenge back in September.

Just like ever other time we have run this challenge, we saw some very significant improvements in the realms of exercise performance and fat loss.  This time around, we did see something which we warned our participants to be weary of — muscle loss.  This happens when a participant underconsumes during the challenge.

Our goals of increased muscle mass, decreased fat mass and improved exercise performance are a true measurement of whether the dietary and lifestyle changes we are asking our athletes to make are beneficial.  Overall, I would say that our athletes made great progress towards improved overall health, well being and fitness.  I cannont discount the fact that there IS a negative effect to the loss of muscle mass.  Of the 8 challenge participants who finished the challenge and got me their numbers in a timely manner, all but 2 lost muscle over the course of the 12 weeks.  This should not have happened.  The good news is we can learn from our mistakes, make a change and move forward towards even more significant results.  The entire coaching staff applauds the efforts of our members throughout this challenge.  This was a very difficult lifestyle change for many.  In the long run, the rewards of improved health and increased fitness awaited those who stuck with the lifestyle.

The scores from our challenge are listed in the table below.  We would like to congratulate Greg Awalt and Lauren Ruddell for each scoring the most points in the men’s and women’s individual competition respectively.  Greg scored the highest amount of points we have ever seen in any challenge using our current scoring system.  Thank you to all of the CFWS athletes who stuck with this challenge and made a commitment to a healthier body!


Name Change in LBM Change inFat Mass %ImprovementFast Nancy Total Points Earned
Greg Awalt





Lauren Ruddell





Rose Marie Moore





Eric Eberth





Chelsie McCoy





Marshada Roberts





Michelle Diaz





David Smith





Portia Flynt






A negative number in any field represents an undesired outcome for the given category, resulting in negative points towards the athlete’s overall score.  In this challenge, we saw a total loss of 93.6 pounds of bodyfat in our 8 participants over the course of 12 weeks.  We did also see an overall loss in lean mass (not the plan), but we will reassess the food journals and make sure you are all eating enough.  Ultimately, improved exercise performance and work capacity is the goal and we achieved this with an overal percentage of improvement of 169.6.

We applaud each of the individuals listed above for this great accomplishment.  When you see any of these awesome peeps in the gym be sure to let them know how great a job they did!!  We look forward to the next challenge and know that there will be many more success stories to come!

2013 CFWS Bikini Challenge

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  Though our training ideology has always been to train for function and allow form to follow, let’s be honest –  We’re all still motivated by the way we look with our clothes off.  Enter the second annual CFWS Bikini Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is simple – to help hold one another accountable to eating the right way and staying consistent with workouts.  We will take before and after pictures of you in your goal bikini and allow you to compare the two shots to see just how much progress you have made in 7 weeks.  Combine that with weekly bikini challenge workouts written by coach Rick and coached by the one and only Brittany Miller and you have the perfect opportunity to jump start your bikini readiness for the coming warm weather.  Oh and sorry fellas, this is a women’s only class and NO, we are not looking for volunteer judges for this challenge.

Mark your Calendars

The Bikini Challenge runs from April 5th to May 17th.  Weekly workouts will be held every Friday evening at 7PM throughout the Challenge.


The cost of the challenge is $70 (members and non members are welcome).  You will be able to earn back all of your money by attending 6 of the 7 workouts.  If you miss more than one of the planned workouts, we will keep $10/additional workout missed.  If you miss either of the picture days, we keep all of your money.  Remember, the goal is accountability here.  Non CFWS members will be asked to pay an additional $5/workout to participate in the weekly WODs.  Coach Brittany will collect the non member workout fee at the beginning of each workout.

Workout Structure

The Bikini Challenge workouts will utilize CrossFit style workouts that are written to challenge all muscles of the midline and, of course the glutes.  Coach Rick has EARNED his nickname “The Baker” for a reason.  We are opening this challenge to no more than 50 participants.  Like we said before, you do not need to be a member of CFWS to participate in this challenge.

How do I sign up?

Click on the link below and reserve your spot today!!

Sign Up Today!!


If you have any additional questions about the challenge, contact Brittany Miller directly at brittany@crossfitwestsac.com.  This is going to be a fun challenge for all who participate.  Let’s get those bikini bodies ready for summer!

PaleoZone Challenge is Back!!!

It’s finally here!  The much anticipated return of the CFWS PaleoZone challenge has arrived, only this time it’s much bigger and it has a prize – a BIG prize.   The last time we ran this challenge, we saw phenomenal results for those who completed the program.  Our program was featured in the Sacramento Bee; this article was re-run around the world in syndicate. If there were any drawbacks to our original launch of this program, they were:

  1. There weren’t enough participants (we started with about 12 participants in our original challenge)
  2. Not all participants completed the full 9 week challenge.

To avoid history repeating itself this time around, we have reconfigured the way participants will engage with this challenge.  First and foremost, participants will be assigned to a team of 4 people.  Each team will have a team leader who has successfully completed our PaleoZone program in the past (you know, all those people walking around the box with 6 packs and 4 minute Fran times).  Team leaders will mentor the rest of the team members through this 9 week challenge based on their knowledge of the program materials as well as their personal experiences having already lived within the realm of this great lifestyle.  Team leaders will also be responsible for keeping the rest of the team members on track while competing against all other teams for the grand prize.

The structure of this challenge follows:

  • Start Date: January 28th, 2011
  • Completion: March 31st, 2011
  • Entry Fee: $50/participant (including team leaders)
  • Assessment Fees: $30 initial assessment/ $25 final assessment
  • Prize (total money collected through entry fees) — we are expecting near 80 participants.  Prize money will be split among team members.
  • Additional prizes will be announced throughout the course of the challenge
  • Team size (4 to 5) depending on demand
  • Requirements:  Initial hydrostatic weighing assessment through Incentive Fitness compelted PRIOR to January 28th.
  • Once hydrostatic weighing is complete, participants MUST turn in assessment results no later than Friday, January 28th to receive their Zone block assignment from a team leader.
  • Participant packets will be distributed once initial hydrostatic assessment results are tuned in to coach Rick.

The next week and a half between today and the start of the program on January 28th will serve as a primer period for participants to get situated with the ins and outs of the diet.  The sooner participants get assessed and started on their diets, the better.

Another unique component of this challenge is we are actually competing against members of another fitness facility.  Sandra Augustin of SASS Fitness has run a challenge very similar to our PaleoZone challenge in the years past.  This year, we are pitting CFWS athletes against SASS Fitness clients to see which team can lose highest body fat percentage.  We are all using the same exact timeframe and the same hydrostatic weighing procedure.  Sandra’s clients also utilize Incentive Fitness for their assessments, so we are all competing on a completely level playing field here.

So there you have it.  The challenge is simple.  The team that loses the highest bodyfat percentage on average wins the money (ALL of it).  In addition to that, you will look, feel and perform better than you ever have once you implement the lifestyle changes outlined in our program.  As soon as you submit your hydrostatic weighing results to me, you will be assigned to a team and provided with all the information needed to be successful in implementing the PaleoZone lifestyle into your daily routine.

This program WILL redefine who you are as an athlete.  What are you waiting for?

A list of teams will be posted on our website later today.  If you are already signed up for an assessment with Incentive Fitness, please let me know what the scheduled date and time is.  I’ll assign you to a team and get your team leader in contact with you ASAP.

Be sure to make your appointment today as timeslots are filling up for the hydrostatic weighing.

Incentive Fitness
6031 Fair Oaks Blvd, #C
Carmichael, CA 95608

Phone: 916-481-5004

I am looking forward to an amazing 9 weeks in the box.  The energy in the gym has already been evident since our meeting on Saturday.  CFWS athletes are ready to take it to the next level!!! 

And please…

CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge A Success!!!

Time for a new Wardrobe

Saturday wrapped up the 9 week CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge with both body composition and physical performance assessments.  Utilizing the hydrostatic weighing method, the gold standard for measuring body composition (an analysis of lean mass versus fat mass), CFWS athletes saw an average of 5 pounds of body fat loss in the nine week period.  If that weren’t enough, we saw an average improvement of just under 2 minutes on our timed benchmark workout, Jackie.  This workout consists of a 1000m row, 50 barbell thrusters at 45lbs and 30 pull-ups.  Participants were assessed under the same workloads on the pre and post assessments to maximize the significance of assessment results.

Our participants found that by eating with a Paleo/Zone based diet while doing CrossFit, allowed them to lose fat and improve overall fitness across the board. 

Some of our athletes were even able to increase significant amounts of lean body mass in conjunction with a large decrease in body fat.  Results like these, coupled with the increased overall energy levels throughout the day have made believers out of this group of athletes.

Congratulations to all who achieved such great results over this relatively short period of time!  Each person I talked to yesterday had the same response when I asked what they intend to do from this point forward:

Overwhelmingly, our athletes responded that they will stay with this lifestyle that has allowed them to achieve greater health and fitness in such a short period of time. 

Some will continue working towards performance based goals that includes continued weight loss (decreased bodyfat percentage), while others are now looking to maximize lean muscle mass in an attempt to increase overall strength.  No matter what the goals, the nine-week CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge has given each athlete the tools to work towards their goals in the gym and support this workload with ideal nutrition.

We are now enrolling for the next 9 Week Paleo Zone Challenge.  The start date will be in late August/Early September. 

I strongly encourage everyone in the box to try this program at least once.  You have definitley seen the changes in the athletes around you who have already been through the program.  It’s time to experience it for yourself.  If you have any questions about how to best get started in the CFWS Paleo/Zone Challenge, flag me down the next time you are in the box.  You work your ass off in the gym, or at least it feels that way.  It’s time to learn how to maximize your workout results through a performance based diet.  We can show you the way.  All you have to do is sign-up and stick to the plan.  Results are guaranteed — just ask your fellow CFWS athletes who have already been through it.  Who will be the next success story at CFWS? 

Why not YOU?


finir de faire!

To Finish!

Its official BM & RL have complete their 9 week Paleo/Zone challenge. Bravo…BRAVO!

I must say when I started this challenge I thought “this ain’t gonna be easy.”  Now that I have completed it I can say with 100% honesty it was by far the simplest things I have done.  Never looked at a single labeled, didn’t have to count calories, didn’t have to worry about points, and didn’t starve!!! And saw better results then with anything I’ve ever tried.

All of those things I had previously thought went along with “dieting” were WRONG! I feel so free! Free from labels, free from low-fat, non-fat, reduced -fat,  low-carb, no-carb, carb free! I WAS GOING CRAZY and what I’ve learned is that my body was also. It was saying “make up your damn mind”

9 weeks ago if you asked RL & I if we would be drinking beers and eating burgers the day this challenge was over we would have said “hell ya” Today all of that has changed. To see and feel how our bodies have changed/responded to ultra clean eating and how much our performance has benefited from this way of life we would be idiots if we went back to that way of eating.

Now the adjectives we use to describe the way we feel are healthy, energized, full, strong, fast, in-tune, ALIVE!

I speak for both of us when I say we are anxious to see how all of you will look and feel after your 9 weeks. We had a lot of encouragement and support from all of our members at the CFWS! thank you for making us the community we are and love. Without you we are nothing.

As stated in my previous blog Our Mission I planned to take a picture of myself every Monday of each week till the end. I have done this and they are ready for viewing.  If you’d like to see you are more then welcome!

Keep up the good work guys! As you can already tell within your first week..IT WORKS! ~Coach Beez

Crack Heads!

Week 1 Day 2!

Hope all of our Cavemen & Cavewomen are enjoying the benefits of Paleo/Zone lifestyle! If you aren’t well maybe this could help. 

If you are one of the many at CFWS that have chosen to eliminate grain from your diet BRAVO! If you’re not to sure why we want you off the “crack” or how you’re going to go about doing it continue reading.

I guess we should first have a clear understanding why grains are so unhealthy.

Q. What is the point to all this grain madness? Is there a good reason for anyone with access to meat, fruit, and vegetables, that is to rely on grains for a significant portion of their caloric intake?

A. Unequivocally, undeniably no!! We do not need grains to survive, let alone thrive. In fact, they are naturally selected to ward off pests, whether they be insects or hominids. I suggest we take the hint and stop eating them.

“But it forms the foundation of the governmental food pyramid!” “Governmental endorsements are not points in your favor, grain-eater; they are strikes against you. They are completely and utterly pointless in the context of a healthy diet.” Mark Sission

Lemme break it down. Generally speaking the last thing living things want to do is be consumed by other living things.  To avoid said consumption, living things employ various self defense mechanisms in order to avoid being eaten. Think of any animal, most have defense mechanisms whether it be teeth, claws, posion, scales, wings, venom, you name it they probably have something that keeps them from being consumed. They run, fight, jump, climb, fly, sting, and even bite.

Plants, though, are passive organisms without the ability to move must employ different tactics to ensure propagation, and they generally have to rely on other means to spread their seed. Grains have the toxic anti-nutrients, lectins, gluten, and phytates.  So its easy to understand why fruits are tasty, nutritious, and delicious. It’s so that animals will eat them whole and poop out the seeds, preferably into some fertile soil.  No seed “wants” to be digested, because this would defeat the purpose. They “want” to be swallowed, or borne by the wind, or carried by a bee to the next flower, but they do not want to be digested. FREE THE SEEDS! Why aren’t there Grainatarians…Maybe if grains had represented a significant portion of our ancestral dietary history, things might be different; however this is not the case.  We simply do not have the wiring necessary to mitigate the harmful effects of lectins, gluten, and phytate.

Lectins are bad. They bind to insulin receptors,  bind to human intestinal lining, and they seemingly cause leptin resistance.  Leptin is a hormone generated by the body to achieve a balance between energy expenditure and food intake. Leptin basically plays a major role in regulating appetite.

Gluten might be even worse. Gluten, found in wheat, rye, and barley, is a composite of the proteins giladin and glutenin. About 1% of the population are celiacs (people who are completely intolerant of any gluten). In celiacs, any gluten in the diet can be disastrous. Just because you’re not celiac doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to the ravages of gluten. One study showed that 29% of asymptomatic (not celiac) people tested positive for anti-gliadin IgA in their stool. Anti-gliadin IgA is an antibody produced by the gut, and it remains there until it’s dispatched to ward off gliadin – a primary component of gluten. Basically, the only reason anti-gliadin IgA ends up in your stool is because your body sensed an impending threat – gluten. If gluten poses no threat, the anti-gliadin IgA stays in your gut. And to think, most Americans eat this stuff on a daily basis. Pretty gnarly stuff!

Phytates are a problem, too, because they make minerals bio-unavailable. So much for all those healthy vitamins and minerals we need from whole grains!

With all that said….Because we live in the culinary culture we do, cutting out grains can mean more than changing your lunch. Family barbeques and holiday menus will need tweaking. Maybe you’ll need a script for annoying family members’ digs. Once you’ve made the transition and are enjoying the advantages, I’ll bet you won’t be complaining, however…. below are some tips on how to de-grain.

1. Load up

Get your butt to the grocery store and stock up on the best, most appetizing Paelo goodies you can find. Believe it or not there is life after bread.

2. Get the rest of your house in order.

When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, kids arguing, papers flying and blood pressure rising, you’re most likely not going to make the most Paleo perfect food choices. These are the times when crack comes in handy. Get your entire family on the same team. If it isn’t possible try dividing cabinet spaces. Adopting a healthier diet that allows for more stable energy throughout the day can actually help you tame the other pressures in your life.

3. Plan the logistics.

Always have Paleo/Zone friendly foods at your fingertips. Make shopping lists be ahead of the game with Paleo/Zone alternatives in case you forget to take the meat out of the freezer. Anticipate hurdles like  party cake at the office or dinner out with friends. Research menus before your get to the restaurant. Always have something Paleo on hand in case you wind up in a predicament.

4. Make your motivation manifest.

AKA keep a Journal. It can both remind you why you’re doing this and how far you’ve already come. These are important to see what exactly you’re putting into your body. Where you might need to make small tweaks and changes to the macronutrients you’re consuming. 

~Coach Beezy

Info stolen from marks daily apple

Only 4 days to go!

This Saturday will mark CrossFit West Sac’s very first Paleo/Zone Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet get ahold of someone at the box. Do whatever you have to do to get signed up! You can reach RL at (916) 607-0292.

We will be utilizing a hydrostatic weighing technique in order to determine your body composition at both the onset and completion of this 9 week challenge.  Please be prepared when you arrive to the box this Saturday for your dunk. Think “as little clothing as possible.” Women either bring your swim suit or wear your sports bra and light weight shorts.  Men wear either your swim suit or a pair of light weight shorts.

I know a lot of you are wondering if this is private, OF COURSE!! You will not have to parade around in your “dunk gear.” But don’t come in sweat pants! If you’re going to do this do it RIGHT. Less is more.

Following the dunk there will be a performance assessing WOD. Please be prepared to participate.  Once you have completed your assessment you can then enjoy the rest of the festivities.

 Pot-Luck BBQ will be held from 2:45 to 5PM.  A sheet of approved dishes will be posted on the CFWS Announcement Board in the box. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PARTICIPATING IN THE CHALLENGE TO COME TO THE POT-LUCK. Come and support the box and your fellow athlete!

I’m very excited to see the transformations that are about to take place in all of you that are preparing to make this journey.

Thank you…Thank you…hold your applause!

~Coach Beez & RL

You’ve got mail

And my postman wonders why my mailbox is overflowing….REALLY

The following was stolen from the mouth of Michael Pollan! He’s smart so read on.

Food. There’s plenty of it around, and we all love to eat it. So why should anyone need to defend it?

Because most of what we’re consuming today is not food, and how we’re consuming it — in the car, in front of the TV, and increasingly alone — is not really eating. Instead of food, we’re consuming “edible foodlike substances” — no longer the products of nature but of food science. Many of them come packaged with health claims that should be our first clue they are anything but healthy. In the so-called Western diet, food has been replaced by nutrients, and common sense by confusion. The result is what Michael Pollan calls the American paradox: The more we worry about nutrition, the less healthy we seem to become.

But if real food — the sort of food our great grandmothers would recognize as food — stands in need of defense, from whom does it need defending? From the food industry on one side and nutritional science on the other. Both stand to gain much from widespread confusion about what to eat, a question that for most of human history people have been able to answer without expert help. Yet the professionalization of eating has failed to make Americans healthier. Thirty years of official nutritional advice has only made us sicker and fatter while ruining countless numbers of meals.

Pollan proposes a new (and very old) answer to the question of what we should eat that comes down to seven simple but liberating words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. By urging us to once again eat food, he challenges the prevailing nutrient-by-nutrient approach — what he calls nutritionism — and proposes an alternative way of eating that is informed by the traditions and ecology of real, well-grown, unprocessed food. Our personal health, he argues, cannot be divorced from the health of the food chains of which we are part.

In Defense of Food shows us how, despite the daunting dietary landscape Americans confront in the modern supermarket, we can escape the Western diet and, by doing so, most of the chronic diseases that diet causes. We can relearn which foods are healthy, develop simple ways to moderate our appetites, and return eating to its proper context — out of the car and back to the table. Michael Pollan’s bracing and eloquent manifesto shows us how we can start making thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives, enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy, and bring pleasure back to eating.”

A good friend gave me this book. You might know him, he’s the lean guy walking around the box with a 6 pack…Ya that one. Initials RL… Open your eyes to what is going on around you. What is being force fed to you and your family through direct mail campaigns, TV commercials, OOH (Out of Home advertising) you know the big billboards you see driving on I-80 or I-5.

Grab a piece of fruit or a cup of green tea and dive face first into this book. Done.

Helps to have connections,

~Coach Beez


The story below couldn’t come at a better time not only for me but for everyone at our box. Anyone that has gotten dressed in the morning and thought to themselves “Ughh one day these will be my FAT jeans” or, “What happened to me?”

WELP news FLASH!! Here is the best part about life…READY…You have the power to change it at anytime. Re-write the ending to your story everyday. You aren’t in any contract right now with your body! Yes, it might feel like it sometimes but, you’re not. It’s all changeable. You can change it at any time, for any reason, and for any length of time. All you have to do is decide and commit to it. Why not challenge yourself to 9 weeks of Optimal Health.  What is the worst that could happen? You lose pounds of fat, your clothes fit better, you need to go shopping for smaller clothes, you have more energy, and your performance at the box is through the roof, you like yourself again?

We can all make excuses but, why?? As if the excuse you give will really fool the person you’re telling it to or yourself. As if you can justify why you feel or look the way you do. I hope that after reading Tamara’s story a light goes on in your head and you see that you too can have a story just like hers. On April 26, 2010 RL and I re-wrote our story. June 12, 2010 you should re-write yours.

 Knockin of every door,


Selfless or Selfish?

Author: TamaraC www.paleochix.com

“Anybody who’s ever mattered, anybody who’s ever been happy, anybody who’s ever given any gift to the world has been a divinely selfish soul, living for his own best interest, no exceptions.” – Richard Bach

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been called selfish in the last year. I’ve heard it from my husband, my sister, and friends. God knows how many people have said it behind my back. So, when I read this quote – amusingly in an article in Sports Illustrated about Barry Zito – I laughed out loud. “That,” I thought, “is the story of the last year of my life.”

Rewind to March of 2009. I was miserable. Absolutely and completely miserable. It’s a hard feeling to describe to anyone who has never been truly depressed. Anxiety attacks. Crying spells. Hours of contemplating how awful my life was and how I didn’t think it was going to get any better. I think this is the part of the story that most people miss when I talk about how much things have changed since then. They see pictures of my abs. They hear about my WODs. They know that I’m eating bison and asparagus for dinner and not pizza and ice cream. If you knew me a year ago, then it’s impossible to ignore how much I’ve changed physically. But, the real change…the important change…has been mental.

Last spring, I was fortunate to reconnect with a close friend of 20 years, and he was the one who gave me the initial kick in the ass. “Just get back to the gym,” he said. “You’ve always been an athlete, and that is going to make you feel better.” I hemmed and hawed. Here he was, a single male without children, telling me to get back to the gym. “You don’t understand,” I told him. “I have a two year old and a four year old. I am a mother. I don’t have time!” I think I initially told him I could make it to the gym three times a week for 30 minutes. I suppose I was going to ride the elliptical rider or something productive like that. He also told me to take a picture of myself in a bra and underwear and assured me that I never had to show it to anyone. I can really laugh about that now knowing that thousands of people have seen that picture on the internet! However, that picture helped more than anything. I looked at it and thought, “No one would ever see this picture and think that I was an athlete. Nope. Never.”

And, I wasn’t an athlete last spring. After playing soccer for most of my life and always being the uber-competitive personality type who would challenge anyone in any sport any time, I was the queen of excuses. I’m not saying that exercising with young children is easy. I just had different priorities. I had a husband who often worked 80 hours a week as a urology resident, and I juggled working part time with play dates and holistic parenting meetings and nap times. I nursed two kids for a total of 4 years and 9 months. I never left my children for more than an hour with anyone other than my mother. That’s what moms do, isn’t it? We are selfless.

Well, let me tell you where selfless got me. It got me 20 lbs heavier than before I had kids. It got me so out of shape that I couldn’t even do one full pushup. It got me crying every day and hating life and not knowing how to fix things. Screw selfless.

My journey back to the gym led me to running, which led to patella femoral syndrome, which led to personal training, which led to CrossFit, which led to Paleo. It sounds simple when I write it like that. In a lot of ways, it has been. I loved CrossFit from day one. “Here is a barbell. Pick it up.” And, wow, I don’t think I had ever watched anyone deadlift before, and I was certain that I would never, ever be able to do it correctly. That is what got me to come back again because I sure as hell was not going to be bad at something. And, it worked! I was losing weight, and I felt great, and I loved it.

I decided to do 30 days of Paleo because I had read that it was helpful for strength gains. My hamstring definitely needed more strength! To this day, I’m not sure how I flipped the switch in my head so completely and decided to go Paleo. I loved cheese, I drank alcohol almost daily, and I absolutely did not care what Paleolithic man ate. In that 30 day period, I was going to hit my daughter’s birthday, Halloween, and my birthday. No cake? No candy? No beer or wine? Impossible! My husband did not back me at all. There really isn’t any other way to put it. I didn’t cook. I mean, I really didn’t cook. In 2009, I had perhaps cooked dinner three or four times. He did all of the cooking. He said, “I think this is stupid. I am not going to change one thing that I cook because of you. You will have to learn to cook for yourself. I will absolutely not support you in this.” And, he didn’t.

But, I did it anyway. 30 days strict Paleo. No sugar, no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine. I started cooking breakfast and lunch for myself every day. I made my own dinner if my husband was cooking something I wouldn’t eat. For the most part, things went smoothly. I think I set a paper towel on fire once. On day 31, I started drinking beer at 10:30 in the morning and ate pizza for dinner. But, it was too late. I planned to drink alcohol again, but food wise I was never going back.

Selfish. Fast forward to today. I spend hours at the gym doing CrossFit and taking private gymnastics lessons. I’m about to travel for a long weekend without my children for my fourth CrossFit competition. I now have a backyard gym with an 8’ pullup bar, a 10’ bar for my rings, and a platform for lifting and other exercises. The basement has a C2 rower, squat stands, a bar, bumper plates, and parallettes. In various spots there is an AbMat, kettlebells, a slam ball, dumbbells, and half a dozen jump ropes. Our refrigerator is stocked with coconut milk, fresh fruit, veggies from the farmers’ market, and literally pounds and pounds of meat. Our cabinets have coconut oil and coconut butter, an assortment of nuts, and bags of dried fruit. And, let’s not even talk about my collection of bikinis, board shorts, knee socks, and Chucks (I’m up to 10 pairs of Chucks, FYI). “Please eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” says my husband. “It is so much cheaper than your organic, grass fed buffalo meat.” If it’s not that, it is, “Please get off the computer. You do not need to update your Facebook page with what happened in the WOD or write in your workout log or watch another CrossFit video or argue with someone on the CrossFit forums about saturated fat. And, no one needs to see another picture of your abs.”

Have I been selfish? Hell yes. Do I regret it? Not for one second. My brother came to visit after I’d been doing CrossFit for several months. He said, “For the last few years, you weren’t doing anything for yourself. I finally feel like you’re back to your old badass self.” Indeed. And, guess what? I am happy. Happy. “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” right? Being selfish has made everyone in my family happier. What fun is it to be around someone who hates life? And, surprise, surprise…my husband now does CrossFit. My daughter takes gymnastics lessons. My kids do pull-ups and fight over the gymnastics rings and eat kale. My son took a bite of cupcake at a birthday party recently and then announced, “Mama, this has too much sugar in it. Can I please have a plate of hummus?” And, as much as my husband hates to admit it, even my pictures of my abs serve a good purpose. People like abs. They want to know how you got your abs. They claim that they will do anything to have abs just like yours. “Okay,” I say. “Get off your ass. Stop eating crap. CrossFit and strict Paleo for 30 days.” And, guess what? A lot of them do. And, that makes me happy.

So, if being selfish leads to happiness, then so be it. Because I certainly don’t want to go back to how I felt a year ago, and I know my family doesn’t want me to do that either.

Muscle Up Madness

Today’s WOD is simple…  30 Muscle-ups for time. 

Simple and easy, of course aren’t the same things. Coach Porter and I went through this WOD at lunch time and fought hard for every single repetition in this workout!!! After a toughly contested battle, each of us came in at the sub 7 minute mark. It felt amazing to keep up with Porter throughout this WOD. After 2 solid weeks of strict Paleo/Zone diet (5block meals/2block snacks) I have seen substantial gains in my strength to weight ratio. While body weight is down, all indicators thus far show me that I have not lost any strength. The results thus far have been far more than I would have predicted going in to my 8 week challenge.

30 Muscle-Ups for Time — CFWS Coaches Duel from rick larson on Vimeo.


Those of you who don’t yet have muscle ups will have an opportunity to work the muscle up progression (featured in JP’s 1st Muscle-Up Ever video).  This progression will allow you to work each component of the movement through the entire range of motion, just with a reduced load.  By working this progression on a regular basis, you will find youself doing muscle-ups in no time.

Let’s see if we can get anyone else on the muscle-up board this evening.  A few of you are ready to bust into the club for good tonight.  Make it happen!