Barbell Club
Posted 22 Nov 2013

Barbell Club

CFWS is excited to announce the launch of our Barbell Club!! When? Coach Lance Reem will be delivering this program as a 90 minute class every other Saturday morning from 10:30 to noon starting November 23rd. What? Barbell club is for people who want to become better technicians within the realm of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Olympic weightlifting focus will… Continue »
Posted 12 Nov 2013

Run To Feed The Hungry

Attention CFWS members,   As you are all aware, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  Thanksgiving is the time of year to get together with our families and friends, and to be thankful for all the things life has given us.  It’s also the time of year to give back to those less fortunate than us.  With CFWS being… Continue »
Posted 29 Oct 2013

CFWS Endurance WOD — 10/29/2013

Running or rowing, who hates doing either? Running is my least favorite thing to do, whether programmed into a wod or on its own.  That being said, it’s a weakness I know I need to embrace.  Improving my ability to run faster over a duration of time and doing so more efficiently will translate into me not only finishing wod’s… Continue »
Posted 17 Sep 2013

Paleo Challenge Meeting 1 Notes

2013 CFWS Paleo Challenge Meeting 1 Notes  - If you have not paid and/or have not performed the hydrostatic body composition assessment, you are not a part of our challenge. Hydrostatic Weigh-in Results – Get these to coach Rick TONIGHT  - give a hard copy, or email a photocopy or picture of your results by no later than tomorrow 9/17/2013…. Continue »
fat-vs-weight-130lbs both pics
Posted 10 Sep 2013

Fall 2013 Paleo Challenge

CFWS Athletes,   By now you have all heard about the upcoming Paleo and Lurong Challenges, each of which are beginning next week.  We have put together a step by step guide to getting started, complete with hyperlinks to the appropriate web pages to get signed up and to schedule assessment appointments.  This is the first year that we are… Continue »
Posted 16 Jul 2013

2013 Moxie Madness Comp Team Tryouts

  In preparation for the upcoming Moxie Madness Affiliate Championship, we will be holding a tryout for both a Novice and an Advanced team on Friday, August 2nd at 6pm.  Novice participants MUST have no more than one year competitive CrossFit experience; anyone may try out for the Advanced team. The tryout will consist of 3 WODs that test all… Continue »
Posted 31 May 2013

Comp Team Tryout Results

Congratulations to our all Competition Team tryout participants for completing the tryouts for the upcoming California Affiliate Showcase!  We are publishing the results and ranking of each of the 5 WODs from this 90 minute tryout.  The level of intensity each of these athletes found could not have been higher due to the competition setting, complete with judges and score… Continue »
BM Rowing
Posted 07 May 2013

CFWS Endurance WODs

CFWS is excited to announce our Tuseday/Thursday evening Endurance WODs.  The workouts will meet from 5:20PM to 6PM and will be run by Coaches Mike and Lance.  Workouts will consist of a dynamic warm-up, followed by technique work on rowing/running or whatever else we are focusing on for the day.  Once skill work is complete, an interval style workout will round… Continue »
Posted 16 Apr 2013

Spring 2013 CFWS Conjugate Strength

This program WILL yield strength and power gains like you have not yet seen in your training.  If you do not want to improve your fitness, DO NOT participate in this program.   Side Note:  ALL CFWS athletes will be put through the Conjugate Strength program, which means ALL CFWS athletes should expect increased fitness over the next three months…. Continue »
Bikini Challenge13
Posted 01 Apr 2013

2013 CFWS Bikini Challenge

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  Though our training ideology has always been to train for function and allow form to follow, let’s be honest –  We’re all still motivated by the way we look with our clothes off.  Enter the second annual CFWS Bikini Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is simple – to help… Continue »