You Wanna Bring It Over Here?

Your loved ones and co-workers probably won’t say it.  Your significant other dare not even mention it.  You know it’s true, but have a dozen excuses why it happened.  You might have even convinced yourself it’s a good thing, but deep down inside you know otherwise.  Even though you said it WOULD NOT HAPPEN, the holidays have made you fat.  It’s time to make a change and you know it.  Well, read on my friend because I’m in this one with you 100 percent!

The foundation to a well designed fitness plan is _____________.  Anybody know where I’m going with this?  As much as we all try to fight it, there is no getting around one fact – NUTRITION is the backbone of fitness.  As a coach, I have heard every excuse about why an athlete doesn’t focus on nutrition.  As wide and varied as the excuses I have heard are, it all boils down to one thing — those who fail to focus on fueling their workouts and recovery will ALWAYS come up short on their fitness AND will not find the body composition they feel like they have worked so hard to achieve.  Mark Twight said it best.  You can’t out train a shitty diet.  While most of us agree this is true, why do we still hold on to the notion of working off the drinks from this weekend?  It just plain does not work that way.  We are ready to remind you exactly how it works.

 – those who fail to focus on fueling their workouts and recovery will ALWAYS come up short on their fitness AND will not find the body composition they feel like they have worked so hard to achieve.

Our goal with this challenge is to make your daily dietary intake as much a priority as your workouts themselves .  If you are ready to make a change in any of the following areas, this challenge is for you!!

  • Lose Fat
  • Gain Muscle
  • Improve Exercise Performance
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Decrease Fatigue
  • Look Better Naked

Our challenge will officially begin January 12th.  If you are interested in participating, fill out the form below and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.  CFWS members who fill out the form will be automatically enrolled in the challenge and will begin to receive informational emails for no additional charge.  Non-members may also participate for a $50 fee.  If you are not a member, simply fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

Those who have done our challenges in the past will notice similarities and differences from previous challenges.  This challenge will run 8 weeks and will consist of components of both the Paleo and Zone diets.  We will provide you with all the information you need to know to be successful in this challenge.

There will be four meetings for this challenge.

  • Meeting one will be held at 11AM on Jan 10th.  – Program Outline – Getting Started
  • A second meeting will be held at 11am on Jan 17th. – Checking In – Are you on the right track?
  • The third meeting will be held at 11 am on January 31st. – Half way Point / Super Bowl Survival Guide
  • Meeting four will be held at 11am on February 14th — Saint Valentine’s Sweet Paleo Treats

Like we mentioned earlier, much of the information you will need will be emailed to you PRIOR to the start of the challenge.  Simply fill out the form below and we will put you on the email list.  We will begin sending emails to those on the list by Monday, January 5th to help get you prepared for the challenge.

Mark your Calendars

Today, we are looking back on a great week of training and looking forward to an even better week with a celebration and respectful remembrance of those who have served our country and local community. Please try and put one or both of the events linked below in your training calendar for this coming Saturday:


WOD for Warriors “Armistice”

Location: CrossFit West Sac

Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PST)

West Sacramento, CA

This will be the WOD for the 9AM Saturday Class as well as remain available for the 10AM hour while our Foundations class is going on.  We are honored to once again be able to host a workout for this great organization.  Workout alongside local veterans who have served our country.  What a great way to say Thank You to these great men and women on Veterans Day!

Sign Up Now Button RED

Local Hero WOD – “Davis”

This WOD is running from 9AM to 6PM at Rocklin CrossFit.  There is a suggested $5 donation to support the family of Detective Davis.  The workout looks like it will be one of the toughest hero WODs we have ever completed.  Join us in remembrance of a local hero who fell in the line of serving our community.  Coaches Rick and Beezy will be heading up in the early afternoon to be a part of this event.  Email coach Rick at if you are planning on heading up to RCF and remembering Detective Davis.




Increase Work Capacity With Goal Oriented Training

Many of our athletes have noticed a distinct programming change in the organization and structure of our workouts over the last week and a half.  In fact, if you’ve trained at CFWS for over a year, you might feel like you’ve been down this path before, maybe more than once.  In both cases, you are right… Well, kind of.  We HAVE switched up our programming as of last Monday, October 6th AND we HAVE done something similar to this at least 3 times in the past.  Three years ago in an effort to work a periodized strength segment into our annual training calendar, the CFWS Conjugate Strength Program was born.  Our program principles adhere to many of the principles found in the Westside Barbell Conjugate Strength program, coupled with ideas surrounding Weakness Biased Training introduced by Dan Williams in his 2010 CrossFit Journal Article, all while incorporating extremely high power output metabolic conditioning (think 5 – 8 minute time domains on average) AND addressing mobility issues that invariably interfere with training progress.

Although our intentions were to help our entire member base find greater success in CrossFit through a systematic increase in the ability to apply functional strength, what we quickly found was there are simply a percentage of people who do not want to train this way.  In fact, no matter how emphatically we explained our position, including the benefits of increasing strength today in order to get more out of our metabolic conditioning WODs tomorrow, certain people remained disenchanted with the workouts and simply stopped attending the gym in order to miss another heavy squat day.

You are only as strong as the weakest link in your exercise chain. The weight hanging on the end of this chain is your level of general physical preparedness (GPP). The more the chain can support, the higher your GPP. If each link in this metaphorical chain represents a component of fitness (cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, etc.), the focus of training should be obvious. The first link to snap and drop your GPP is the weakest link. To increase GPP, our weaknesses should not simply be overcome but rather improved to match our strengths.

– Dan Williams, Weakness Biased Training

Fitness Development Model


With all of this in mind, much thought and collaboration among the CFWS Coaching Staff has gone in to the next 3 months of programming.  What we have come up with is a dynamic program that will allow for people with different goal sets train according to their individual goals.  This program has two main tracks:

Strength Track

Ideal Candidate:

  • Athlete is looking to gain strength in the functional movements routinely used in CrossFit
  • Athlete is interested in making Rx’d loads in metcons feel lighter
  • Athlete has a muscle building goal (gain lean mass)

This track will run in the exact format that has been outlined in the CFWS Conjugate Strength Program link in the first paragraph of this posting.  Participaints can expect 5 different training days each week.

  • 2 Max Effort Days (1 upper body and 1 lower body); Each of these days will have 20 minutes of mobility posted
  • 2 Dynamic Effort Days (these days will include a short/intense metcon) as well as an additional 60 – 90 minutes of available accessory training designed to allow for even greater strength increases.
  • 1 Dedicated Metcon Day
  • 2 Rest/Mobility Days

Conditioning Track

Ideal Candidate:

  • Athlete is already relatively strong in most of the functional movements found in CrossFit.
  • Athlete is looking to increase endurance and stamina
  • Athlete has a weight loss goal (lose body fat; maintain lean mass)

The general structure of the conditioning track will mirror the strength track with one major exception.  There will be a conditioning workout posted on Max Effort days.  Those who are looking to increase their conditioning during this training cycle should choose this workout instead of the posted Max Effort lift for the day.  Once you look at it this way, there are truly 5 days per week of metabolic conditioning available.  We have programmed the WODs in a way that allows our athletes to hit different time domains (longer and shorter workouts) as well as varying exercise modalities each week.  If you choose to take this training track, your training will not seem all that different from what you have become accustomed to at CFWS.

The general structure of the conditioning track will mirror the strength track with one major exception.  There will be a conditioning workout posted on Max Effort days.

This is a critical training period which will lead us up to and prepare us for the CF Games Open (last year’s first workout was announced Feb 27th.)  If this is your first time going through one of these training cycles with us, OR if it has been a while since you have thought about what this program has to offer,read our blog post from the 2012 go round of our Conjugate Strength program.   This post will explain the format and structure of each workout as well as outlines a  week by week schedule of the types of workout you are going to see each day.

No matter which track you choose to take, one thing will remain true.  Consistent training will yield the greatest results.  We are working harder than ever to provide our members with the best possible training options to meet training goals.  The one thing we can’t do is complete the workouts for you.  Show up regularly, put in the work and get the results you want.  It’s really that simple.  Keep in mind this is simply a 12 week snapshot of your fitness life span.  This is truly the perfect opportunity to embrace a weakness biased training approach and improve the weakest link in the chain (for many of us this is indeed overall strength).  If you have any questions at all regarding which training approach is the right one for you, the coaching staff is here for you.  Send us an email or flag us down in person before or after a WOD and we will be happy to help you decide which track to take.  We want you to embrace your training and take your fitness to the next level.  Commit to yourself a 4-5 day weekly training frequency and let’s see how far we can raise the bar in the next 12 weeks!!


What’s in a Warm-up?

Just in case you were wondering what’s going on with ALL that mobility work we do… Here’s a timely read. We really have your best interests in mind when writing this stuff into your warm-ups and cool downs. Embrace your flexibility training as much as every other aspect of training to promote correct movement, which translates into better lifts! Read the CFJ article below for some great insight on this topic.

New Class!! Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Heidi Rydman


We are proud to announce a mid-week yoga session available at CFWS.  This class will meet on Wednesdays from 7PM to 8:30pm.  That’s right, a full blown 90 minute Yoga class!  Like CrossFit, this class has the capacity to adjust for various fitness levels.  This is an all levels class that will leave you clamoring for more.  Use this class in conjunction to your regular WOD times to improve flexibility, muscular endurance, balance and self-awareness.  Bring water, a yoga mat and a towel and get your weekly Yoga fix right at the box!

We are offering this class as a part of the 3x/week or unlimited memberships.  Those with a non-peak membership will be able to attend with a discounted $10 drop-in fee.  Not a member of CFWS?   No worries!  You can drop in to our yoga classes for $15.


Never heard of Vinyasa?  Read this short description and then come see for yourself what this class really has to offer!  You won’t be disappointed.

Vinyasa’s strength is in it’s diversity.  There is no single philosophy, rule book, or sequence that teachers must follow, so there is a lot of room for individual personalitites and quirks to come through.  This makes it essential that you find a teacher you enjoy and can relate to.  After coach Beezy and Rick’s first session with Heidi, we found that person!!  If you like having things a little loose and unpredictable and like to keep moving, this style is definitely worth a try.

Click on Heidi’s Picture above and Sign up today!

That’s a Wrap! Results are Up


Thank you to all of our volunteers who made yesterday’s competition happen!!  We could not have hosted such a great event without your help.   Thank you to our judges, those who showed up early to help set up, those who stayed late to help clean up and of course, to our scoring table who managed the score cards and created the ranking system you see below.  This event could not have happened without your help.

This competition was about community.  We wanted to host a competition that would pull local athletes who are new to CrossFit together for a challenging day of WODs.  The amount of support we saw for the competitors yesterday shows just how strong the community can be.  Yesterday was about reaching outside of your comfort zone and pushing a little harder than you probably once believed you could.  Those who came out as spectators, coaches and general support of the athlete helped create the amazing energy that was present in the box throughout the day.  Thank you to all who showed up and supported the athletes yesterday.  You are truly what makes this community amazing.

To the athletes who competed yesterday, YOU ROCK!!  We were inspired to see so many people giving maximum effort over the course of all three workouts.  We appreciate your hard work leading up to this competition and the focus and determination you brought as you laid it all on the floor yesterday.  We look forward to seeing you at future competitions within the local community.  Great job yesterday!!  We at CFWS are honored to be a part of your early competition experience.

Below, you will find your ranking for each workout as well as your total score as the sum of your ranking on each workout.  In this scoring system, the lowest score after all three workouts wins.

Women Scaled Overall Scores

Mens Scaled Overall Scores

Women Rx Overall Scores

Men Rx Overall Scores




Heat Assignments are Up!!

Heat Assignments are finally up!  Please make sure you have already filled out our waiver (link below) prior to arriving to registration tomorrow morning.  Athletes who arrive without a completed waiver on file will not be able to participate in the challenge.

Click HERE to Fill Out Waiver

There is ample parking on site and plenty of room for athletes to bring pop up tents.  ALL athletes must be present for the 8:50AM WOD introduction as we will be making an announcement for a third workout that will be run as a floater WOD.  The floater WOD is available for sign up on a first come, first served basis at the athlete check-in table.  Athletes will be able to sign up for the floater WOD at the check in table between 8 and 8:50AM.  Athletes will be given score cards at check in and will be responsible for bringing the score card to each assigned heat.

There is no fee for spectators, so please bring out as many friends and family as possible to cheer you on during this event.  The more the better!!  We are looking forward to an amazing competition tomorrow.  Get some rest and show up ready to rock tomorrow!

Scaled WOD 1 Heat 1 – 9:00AM

Scaled WOD 2 Heat 1 – 12:00PM

101 Liz Henson
102 Monica Laureano
103 Joan Green
104 Kelsey Bozeman
105 Lucy Ramos
106 Deborah Diercks


Scaled WOD 1 Heat 2 – 9:15AM

Scaled WOD 2 Heat 2 – 12:18PM

107 Kiersten Diercks
108 Michelle Diaz
109 Shelby Peterman
110 Alicia Castaned
111 Emily Wollenma
112 Sarah Kelleghan


Scaled WOD 1 Heat 3 – 9:30AM

Scaled WOD 2 Heat 3 – 12:36PM

113 Melissa Villanueva
114 Aileen Santoyo
115 Susan Ramiriez
116 Claire Mackey
117 Erika Addanki
118 Amanda Carroll


Scaled WOD 1 – Heat 4 – 9:45AM

Scaled WOD 2 – Heat 4 – 12:54PM

301 David Smith
302 Jeff Garten
303 David Hobbs
304 Edward Beringuel
119 Heather Mangus
120 Kalynn Bassett


Rx’d Division

RX WOD 1 Heat 1 – 10:00AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 1 – 1:12PM

121 Christa Labonte
201 Heather Sathe
202 Amber Roumiguiere
203 Maddison Pannell
204 Sara Gillogley


RX WOD 1 Heat 2 – 10:15AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 2 – 1:30PM

205 Lonnie Kotanko
206 Jennifer Decicio
207 Erica Knobloch
208 Samantha Smith
209 Tori Turner


RX WOD 1 Heat 3 – 10:30AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 3 – 1:48PM

401 Leo Reyes
402 Gary Fogerson
403 Michael Silva
404 Phillip Jimenez
405 Humberto Temporini
406 David Sevilla


RX WOD 1 Heat 4 – 10:45AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 4 – 2:06PM

407 Anthony Cardenas
408 Eric Johnson
409 Daniel Reyes
410 Joe Mangino
411 Leo Rubio
412 Brad Morlock


RX WOD 1  Heat 5 – 11:00AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 5 – 2:24PM

413 Joe Walters
414 Phill Mamula
415 Greg Awalt
416 Lizandro Carrasco
417 James Avila-Ellin.
418 Rick Inzunza


RX WOD 1 Heat 6 – 11:15AM

RX WOD 2 Heat 6 – 2:42PM

419 Aiden Laroco
420 Dan Pacia
421 Remar Pasalo
422 Zachary Sorenson
423 Eric Eberth

Fall 2014 Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge

September 13th – November 8th



CFWS is proud to be a part of the Fall 2014 Whole Life Challenge! This 8 week challenge is the perfect opportunity to adopt a lifestyle that truly allows for optimal health and athletic performance. Click on the logo above to read up on the rules of the challenge as well as sign up for TEAM CFWS! Coach Rick is already signed up in the advanced division. If you are looking for the way to maximize your results from all the hard work you do in the gym, this is it!



Body Composition Screening

September 20th AND November 9th


Scheduled to mirror our Whole Life Challenge, we are taking advantage of the most accurate way to determine body composition (muscle mass vs. fat mass). Everyone knows muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. In fact, an even trade of 2 lbs fat loss and 2 lbs muscle gained is a phenomenal transformation in 8 weeks. We challenge every member of our gym to make this transformation.

Need more incentive?? Here it is.

Anyone who can show a loss of 2 or more pounds of body fat AND a gain of 2 or more pounds of muscle between September 20th and November 9th will receive FREE MEMBERSHIP DUES for the month of December.

To be eligible, CFWS members MUST be enrolled in the Whole Life Challenge AND meet the minimum body composition criteria of 2lb fat loss with 2lb muscle gain. Accomplish this goal and you will win your WLC enrollment dues as well as the fee for your body composition assessments back and then some!! Join us today! Schedule your Body Fat Assessment by clicking the logo above.

CFWS Cherry Poppin’ Novice Challenge

Cherry Poppin Flier - Blog Version

Sign up Today!!

More Details:

We are hosting our first ever Novice Challenge designed for those new to CrossFit and new to competition. There will be a Scaled and a Rx’d Division for this Challenge, with 32 available spots in each Division. Spots are available first come, first served.

Rx athletes must have 1 year or less experience in CrossFit style competition — All Scaled Division athletes must have no previous competition experience (doesn’t include the CrossFit Open). Athletes will have to perform two workouts within their Division. If an athlete is unable to perform one of the workouts Rx’d then they must compete in the Scaled Division for both workouts.

Workout 1

“Fran” with a 12 minute time cap 21,15,9
– Thrusters
– Pull-ups

Workout 2

Complete for Time with a 15 minute time cap
600m Run
21 wall ball
21 box jumps
21 deadlifts
400m Run
15 wall ball
15 box jumps
15 deadlifts
200m Run
9 wall ball
9 box jumps
9 deadlifts

Rx’d Division will use the following weights/heights:

Thrusters (95,65)

Wall Ball (20lb at 10ft; 14lb at 9ft)
Box Jumps (24in, 20in)
Deadlifts (185, 125)

Scaled Division will use the following weights/heights:

Thrusters (65,45)
Jumping Pull-ups

Wall Ball (14lb at 10ft; 10lb at 9ft)
Box Jumps (20in, 16in)
Deadlifts (135, 95)

We will release a movement standards video on this blog post no later than August 2nd.  We are looking forward to having a fun, entry level event that anyone can participate in. If you have any questions, please email coach Mike at

Train hard and let’s have some fun on August 23rd!

Movement Standards:


Event Sponsors:

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